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Business highlights in Q2 2023In May the Company announced that WHO had selected the International Nonproprietary Name (INN) pudafensine as the official generic name for the company’s patented…

Issuance of new shares, share buyback and sale of shares in connection with long term incentive program for 2022

The Board of Directors of Initiator Pharma A/S, company reg. (CVR) no. 37663808, (“Initiator” or the “Company”) has today resolved to carry out a capital increase directed at members of executive management and key management under the long term incentive program for 2022 (“LTI2022-program”) and to conduct a buyback of shares in order to sell shares to the board of directors under the LTI2022-program.

Initiator Pharma reports dose-dependent significant efficacy of IP2018 in the placebo-controlled Phase IIa clinical trial of Erectile Dysfunction

Initiator Pharma A/S, a life science company developing innovative drugs targeting key unmet medical needs within the central and peripheral nervous system, today announced positive, statistically significant, and dose-dependent clinical observations related to efficacy in psychogenic erectile dysfunction (ED) and no observations of serious or critical adverse events in the Phase IIa clinical trial of IP2018 in patients with mild to moderate ED.


Business highlights in Q1 2023 In March the Company announced the completion of dosing of all 24 patients the the Phase IIa clinical trial with IP2018 and that preliminary results are expected end…