What makes Initiator Pharma an attractive company for investors?

Initiator Pharma is a clinical stage company with two drug candidates in three clinical stage programs: psychogenic ED with IP2018 (Phase 2a), IPTN2021, Proof-of-Principle Phase 1 trial in healthy subjects challenged with pain for Trigeminal neuralgia with IP2015 and organic ED with IP2015 (Phase 2b).

Validated Target
Targeting the monoaminergic system is a well established and proven therapeutic approach with multiple drugs currently on the market to treat depression and  pain, e.g. Neuropathic pain.

Differentiated compounds
Initiator Pharma’s drug candidates have a very distinct monoamine profile with just the right balance of dopamine to strengthen the sexual function and provide pain relief. In addition, the assets have superior drug-drug-related safety, tolerability/ safety profiles, and well-suited PK properties. Furthermore, the drug assets are manufactured in a very cost-effective way.

Robust pipeline
Initiator Pharma are conducting three clinical programs with two drug candidates. Furthermore, two discovery assets – IP2016 and IP2017 – are being evaluated by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in the USA in order to investigate their potential benefits as improved treatments of drug addiction.

High unmet medical needs and significant market opportunities
More than 300 million men worldwide will suffer from ED in 2025, and there is an acute need for therapies that can provide relief to patients not responding to available therapies in order to improve their and their partner’s quality of life. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a debilitating neuropathic pain indication with minimal and only limited pharmacologically effective treatment available.

Clinical Validated Pathways with well-defined clinical endpoints
A selection of drugs targeting and modulating the Dopaminergic pathway have already shown to be effective for increased erectile function in multiple clinical trials. However, none of these compounds matches the efficacy, safety, and tolerability profile obtained with the IP2015 and IP2018 drug candidate. In addition, monoaminergic neurotransmitter modulators have demonstrated a suitable way of providing pain relief in multiple neuropathic pain indications.

Cost effective clinical programs with short investment horizons
Short Clinical Studies with modest investments and reasonable timelines to reach multiple efficacy and value inflection points.

Strong assets with patent rights
Current patent protection extends until 2031for IP2015 and the company is on the trajectory to develop a novel drug products renewing and strengthening the IPR positioning.

Experienced management team
The executive team have more than 40 years of biotech and pharma experience.