Initiator Pharma Numbers

  • Expected Number of men affected by Erectile Dysfunction worldwide by 2025 322 million
  • Number of people worldwide that are diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia every year: 15000
  • Men with Erectile Dysfunction who do not respond to drug therapy 40 %

Initiator Pharma currently has a portfolio of four projects, of which two are in clinical development and two are in preclinical development.

CEO letter

The fourth quarter was the end of an eventful year for Initiator Pharma. Our neuropathic pain proof of principle study was completed with promising results. We initiated a pharmacokinetic study in order to evaluate new oral solid dosage forms.

And we have managed to increase the recruitment rate in our two ongoing phase II studies in erectile dysfunction. I am truly grateful for the efforts and commitment our team has put in and I am convinced that we look forward to a very exciting year.


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