Business highlights in Q1 2023

  • In March the Company announced the completion of dosing of all 24 patients the the Phase IIa clinical trial with IP2018 and that preliminary results are expected end of Q2 2023.

Business highlights after this reporting period

  • Nothing to report

Financial Highlights

First Quarter (2023-01-01 – 2023-03-31)
Net revenue were TDKK 0 (0)
Operating loss, EBIT was TDKK -8,677 (-15,075)
Earnings per share was DKK –0.18 (-0.35)
Cash: TDKK 33,719 (26,352)
Solidity: 63% (52%)

Solidity: equity divided by assets.

The Board of Directors have decided that interim reports will be published in English only.

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