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Initiator Pharma: Board and management exercises warrants of series TO 2

Initiator Pharma A/S (“Initiator Pharma” or “the Company”) exercise period for warrants of series TO 2 (“TO 2”) is currently ongoing and it ends on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. The Company can today announce that members of the Board and management has exercised TO 2 for a total amount corresponding to approximately SEK 0.5 million. Among those who have exercised their TO 2 are, among others, the Company’s CEO Claus Olesen and chairman Magnus Persson.

Initiator Pharma strengthens its management team and initiates its Scientific Clinical Advisory Board

Initiator Pharma A/S, a clinical-stage biotech company, today announced the appointment of Dr. Allan Wehnert as SVP, Head of Clinical and R&D Strategy and Portfolio Management, and the formation of a Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board (SCAB). The strengthening of the clinical expertise is a direct result of Initiator Pharma’s progress in clinical development of the lead assets IPED2015 and IP2018.