Business highlights in Q1 2021

  • On January 14[th] the EGM approved the proposed convertible financing agreement with MAC Clinical Research, covering up to SEK 23 million (approx. DKK 17 million) of the clinical trial costs for the planned Phase 2b trial with IPED2015 in Erectile Dysfunction.

Significant events after this reporting period­

  • On April 13[th] it was announced a proposal for a directed issue and fully guaranteed preferential rights issue of total SEK 60 million to expand into new orphan drug indication, led by long-term investors Linc AB and Adrigo Asset Management AB.
  • On April 15[th] the summons for an extra-ordinary general meeting to approve the directed and fully guaranteed preferential rights issue was published.
  • On April 20[th] it was announced today that it has filed a Clinical Trials Application for its planned Phase II study with IPED2105 in organic Erectile Dysfunction patients.
  • On May 2[nd] the annual report for 2020 was published.
  • On May 4[th] the summons for the annual general meeting to be held on May 28[th] was published.
  • On May 11[th] the EGM approved the directed and fully guaranteed preferential rights issue.

Financial Highlights

Initiator Pharma A/S is a Danish registered company, and is reporting its financial situation in Danish kroner (DKK).

Group earnings per share: period result divided by a number of 27 705 728 shares. Solidity: equity divided by assets.

For more information, please contact

Claus Olesen, CEO, Initiator Pharma, Mobile: +45-61 26 00 35, E-mail:

Torgeir Vaage, CFO, Initiator Pharma, Mobile: +47-924 05 235, E-mail:

About Initiator Pharma

Initiator Pharma A/S is a Danish clinical stage life science company developing innovative drugs that target key unmet medical needs within the central and peripheral nervous system. Initiator Pharma’s pipeline consists of three clinical programs – the drug candidates IP2018 and IPED2015 for treatment of erectile dysfunction of psychogenic and organic origin, respectively, and the orphan drug candidate IPTN2021 developed for Trigeminal Neuralgia, a severe neuropathic pain condition. Initiator Pharma is listed on Spotlight Stockmarket (ticker: INIT).